Our appointment at the American Embassy

Finally, the last step before departure…. Or not?

Do you recognize the moment when all your efforts, your plans fall apart? The feeling that the ground under your feet is slipping away? After following the entire procedure at the American Embassy (and don't forget the time before!), registration, waiting, fingerprints, waiting, interview……. (tip, block 3 hours in your agenda!) finally you arrive at the last stage,  the ‘interview’ wit the consul. During that interview the consul says, with this visa you are not allowed to work. I thought I’m getting a heart attack! Did I understand it correctly? Did he really said what I think he was saying? I’ll think he saw that I was shocked and checked my papers again and apologized that he was confused. I asked politely again; do I receive the final approval? And am I allowed to work? Yes, everything is confirmed Madam he replied and you will receive your passports including your visa in a few days at home by courier.

After spending 3 hours inside, we were standing outside. This was the moment were we have waited for so long, but it didn’t feel as a relieve or as a milestone. Again, I’m feeling insecure… I would be really relieved as soon I receive my passport with my visa and working permit in it…. pff never a dull moment.

In the meantime our house is still not rented and still looking for a cat lover who would like to take care of my beloved cat ‘Loekie’... 

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