B2B Influencer Marketing

I’m passionate about speaking, and you?

B2B influencer marketing, we hear a lot about this topic, and talk about it, but what does it exactly mean? That’s exactly the core of my speech. My mission is to explain the added value and impact of influencer marketing to the meetings & events industry (and beyond). Influencer marketing is a long term strategic decision and hopefully many suppliers will implement it as a part of their strategy. Unfortunately we have a lot ‘misperceptions’ about this topic, therefore clarity is needed.

I get energy of speaking, I love to share my story on stage and for every event I create a tailor-made presentation.

Humor, interaction and energy are the elements that makes my speeches unique. And I want to give my audience a message to think about, something that will last in their mind what will move them forward.

I’m passionate about start-ups and the meetings & events industry, a dedicated member and Past-President of Meeting Professionals International in Belgium.

My mission goes further than just being ‘an agency’, I want to create a global professional community of influencers. My ultimate goal is to create an international recognised certification for ‘MICE’ influencers so these experts receive the recognition they deserve for all the hard work they do. And to support destinations or suppliers who are in need, for example, after a storm, hurricane or any other cause that damaged your destination or image. To tell your story, to create awareness, visibility for your product or service within the right target audience.


Keynote speaker

I have spoken at many events and conferences all over the globe. Even in different languages, besides my mother tongue Dutch and in English, German and French. I always create a special message to every audience and replace myself in one of the participants.

Workshop / Masterclass

Do you want to dive further in the subject of B2B influencer marketing? A workshop or masterclass is the perfect way. A tailor made program will be created to your needs. Suppliers, event managers will have a concrete actionplan to start their influencer marketing campaign today.


Panel discussion

B2B influencer marketing is the perfect topic for a panel discussion. What about the law, regulations and the future? Besides I like to talk about topics related with the meetings & events industry or beyond. I’m direct, to the point and not afraid to share my opinion with others.

Podcast / Webinar

Don’t forget the online tools; I am happy to share my passion and talk about influencer marketing in a podcast or webinar. I have been part of a guest on several podcasts like Making a Marketer in the US and Event Industry News in the UK, Doeners en Durvers in Belgium (Dutch)



Delphine : I had the pleasure to meet Mariska in the frame of MPI Belgium and she immediately convinced me to be active in the group to prepare the 2017 BE Conference. Mariska is a true leader, sharing her passion, energy and positivism in every situation. Later, I witnessed her talent on stage as an inspiring speaker and stimulating moderator in various context and several languages. Personally, I've always been impressed by people who can communicate with clarity and objectiveness their thoughts, Mariska is certainly one of these person, talented and bold !

Mia : I have enjoyed listening to Mariska speak publicly on several occasions and continue to be impressed by her knowledge, ideas and experience. I remain completely intrigued by her work and can see how powerful social influencers are today. A great public speaker and story-teller who can easily bring a distinctive message to life. Mariska also offers enormous amounts of industry experience and is a valued peer in my network.

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